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The Analysis of young people’s attitudes to and experiences of STEM education and Careers Key findings

Date: 31 May

The recently published Science Education Tracker is a sobering read. Some of the key stats are:

  • Only 12% of girls say being an engineer fits well with who they are
  • Just 16% of girls think engineering is suitable for them
  • Interest in science has declined and the gender gap has opened up
  • 36% of girls say science is not for them
  • Opportunities for practical science are particularly important for less engaged students
  • Only a quarter (26%) of GCSE students are doing practical work at least every fortnight

Engineering UK (EUK) have developed a strategy to tackle the challenges faced with the industry with a list of key dates for educators and ambassadors, and 42 resources that are free for schools to download and share.

Many of Cornwall’s schools are engaged and taking part in the Climate Schools Programme (CSP) being delivered by EUK which is brilliant news for the future of the workforce, but still lots to be done.

Below is a brief to the CSP Strategy.