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Destinations Data Update

Date: 16 Jul

Here is an update on the progress being made for destinations data for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

  • To share information that supports young people in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly to make successful transitions into learning and work in a clear, secure and consistent way
  • High-level data is used by key strategic groups in order to inform the development of appropriate programmes, provision and business pipelining activity


  • To establish a collaborative and process-driven approach to the gathering and sharing of destinations data for young people progressing to post-16 education.


Indicators of Success:
  • Schools and colleges have a clear understanding of statutory information sharing
  • Schools have access to resources that will support them to meet Benchmark 3 by September 2021
  • Gatsby benchmark 3 scores increase in line with or above national averages by September 2022
  • Colleges have better access to information that will support their application and transition processes especially for students with additional needs
  • Reduced post 16 and 18 drop-out rates by 2023 – 2025

Ruth Bennetts and Carrie Child’s have met with the three FE providers in Cornwall on two separate occasions and sought feedback from schools on a drafted version of a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). The purpose of the consultation was to achieve Benchmark 3 “Collects and maintains accurate data for each pupil on their destinations for 3 years after they leave school”, which has been a bit problematic for Cornwall as a whole. The colleges are not required to collect destinations for three years but do collect destinations for all of their learners upon completion of their studies.

The requirement for schools to collect 3 years of destinations data is separate from the Local Authority’s statutory duty to report 16-18 youth unemployment figures (NEETS and Not Knowns) to the Department for Education as carried out by CSW Group but any mechanism put into place through this DSA could support this work as well.

Key Outcomes from the meetings
  • The colleges are supportive of a DSA and timelines proposed
  • Data managers are exploring the data fields for ease of reporting that can work for all institutions. We would like to ask the schools to review the data fields for their own MIS systems as well. 
  • There is no personal information being transferred between institutions that identify individuals (see Appendices in the DSA document below) as this will be linked to a student’s ULN (Unique Learner Number)
  • All schools to read the DSA draft and make further comments and feedback
How could Careers Leaders gather destinations?
  • Careerpilot or Unifrog have the capability to record destinations
  • Google sheets (use Appendices 3 and 4 as the template)

If you would like some support using any of the platforms for this purpose please contact the team. Being able to record in an electronic format will make life a lot easier for you.


Please can you speak to your SLT/Data managers about the draft DSA and timeline for feedback. Please provide feedback to Ruth Bennetts by Friday 24th September.