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Good luck to everyone getting their results!

Date: 9 Aug

Exam results can define your choices, but they do not define you.

Good grades provide you with more options there’s no denying that. But they don’t have to define you which was a bit of a mistake I made when I was fresh out of school.

But here’s the thing, I’ll let you into a bit of secret 😉. Once you take your next step into your next transition, your exam grades become just one element of a much broader perspective on your CV.

Employers want more than just grades. They want to know that you can apply theory into practice if you can communicate effectively, organise yourself, plan ahead and pay attention to the details. Work experience and transferable skills go a very long way indeed, and never underestimate them!


Hear from Carrie Childs, Hub Lead for Careers Hub Cornwall & Isles of Scilly.  Carrie provides top tips about your next steps, whatever they may be.

You may need to prepare now for that university interview, job interview, or college interview?  Don’t panic! and hear from Next Steps South West with their top tips. 


I often reach out to employers to ask for their views via my LinkedIn network.  Below is what they said in answer to my question about what skills employers, universities and colleges looking for:


Hopefully, you are beginning to see that exam grades, whilst they are important, are not the be-all and end-all.  Preparation, interest, enthusiasm, and commitment can go a long way for you to do the very best that you can do, whatever your next step.

Seek advice from others; speak to your parents, friends, employers, and teachers; be prepared most importantly. Oh, and develop your LinkedIn profile (keep it professional!)

By Ruth Bennetts, Enterprise Coordinator for Careers Hub Cornwall & Isles of Scilly


P.s. Below are a couple more links you may find helpful along with some skills definitions (why not utilise for your CV somehow?)

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