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The Future is Now: The Careers Summit with young people at its heart.

Date: 25 Jan

We’re a county that’s built on progression and growth. But as important as each and every one is, they don’t always have those who have the most to gain – and lose – from these discussions; the next generation.

Cornwall has never been short of aspirational meet-ups. Our calendar boasts gatherings of thinkers and leaders from all sectors across the southwest, from business and finance to agriculture and innovation.

On Wednesday 18 th January 2023 we gathered over 70 education leaders and key stakeholders at the fantastic Venton Conference Centre. We discussed what’s great about Careers provision in Cornwall and what is coming next. Most importantly, we involved the young people at the heart of the conversation.

This year’s Careers Hub Summit was the biggest and best yet. We welcomed senior leaders from Cornwall Secondary Schools, enterprise advisers, colleges, stakeholders and training advisors – for the first time since the pandemic. It was a big deal and we had big points to make. We are determined that Cornwall is and will be a brilliant place for children to grow up in a thriving and sustainable county that offers a secure home, a decent income and a great environment for all.

Young people talking to a lady holding a cup of coffee at the careers summit.

Careers as a subject is being talked about by our national leaders. It’s up front and centre in the political agenda. It must meet the needs of each and every young person to be most effective, and that’s our role.

“I would never have expected so many businesses to be at an event like this – so more of this, and bigger, is what’s needed.” (Luke, Year 11, Pool Academy)

The Careers Hub’s mission is all about shifting narrative when it comes to living, working and building futures in Cornwall. As one student on the day so wonderfully put it: “young people need to be made aware of what exists here in Cornwall, because you want them to stay.”



The figures that illustrate this point are what grabbed the attention of the confident and dynamic student ambassadors who addressed our audience at the summit: that 70% of young people in Cornwall believe they need to leave the county to start positive careers.

With the news that Cornwall is one of four areas of the UK chosen to work with primary schools in the next stages of the charity, the time really is now to show our young people why they should stay. Let’s work with parents and teachers. Let’s challenge stereotypes, answer difficult questions and inspire children to pursue great things in a great part of the world.

Lightening talk speakers gathered for the photo

Let’s harness this inspiration and keep this momentum. As one business leader so powerfully put it – they have waves to make. And we’d like them to make those waves here.

“It is one of our priorities to make Cornwall a brilliant place for children and young people to grow up. The more children we can inspire to start thinking about their futures the better.” (Cllr Barbara Ellenbroek)

Please take a look through the resources below for support and information around education and careers.