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Ahead of The Game: Mentoring Pilot CIOS LEP

We intend to test the hypothesis that a bespoken package, offered to students as an alternative to traditional work experience, will improve engagement, behaviour and the overall chance of students (experiencing classroom disaffection) progressing to meaningful and successful transitions to post 16 education/training.

We are running this  pilot throughout the Summer Term 22/23 with Y10 students, business mentors and schools (initially in Mid Cornwall).

On this page, you will find guides, session plans and resources to support the planning and delivery of each session.


Session 1: CEIAG (delivered by CSW advisers)

Session 2: Watch your mentors

Session 3: Introducing mentors to students

Session 4: Guided research of work experience/summer job

Session 5: Guided research of FE courses and training providers

Session 8: FE/Independent Training Provider visit

Session 9: End point CEIAG interview (delivered by an adviser from CSW group)

This is a ten minutes summary of the interactive workshop facilitated by Konnect Communities and commissioned by our team specifically for this pilot. This summary provides anyone new to mentoring, some basic knowledge around behaviours in young people affected by psychological trauma as well as raising awareness around different type of human relationships.